Personal notes and findings – Psalm 40:1


Personal notes and findings on

Psalm 40:1 NIV
I waited patiently for the Lord;
he turned to me and heard my cry.

Verbs here:
– (Me) Wait for (God)
– (God) turned to (me); (God) heard (my cry)

Adverb here:
– patiently

Some findings and insights:
– Relationship with God involves “waiting” (or also waiting is a normal element in our relationship with God)
– Waiting leads to God getting to us
– Thus, “waiting” does draws us closer to God. (in a fast food world, we might often get to the conclusion that if nothing seem to be happening, probably that is not a working method… we tend to apply this to our God too… if He does not seem to be responding to our cry, just skip the Lord’s part, and find other help).

– Tells us that God is faithful, He knows and responds to those who are still waiting for Him.

– Tells us that David had been putting his trust in God, as this waiting is not an easy thing, might had taken ages (the word “patiently” here used), but he still chooses to wait for the Lord.

– “Patient” is a fruit of the Holy Spirit (fruit of love too). So being able to “wait patiently” must have been the Holy Spirit’s work. And “waiting patiently” is out a love relationship.

– David had been waiting and waiting, he could have chosen to stop this waiting, get himself some solutions, or he could have just concluded this God is useless or this God has forgotten me. But he chose to wait instead.

– David’s choice of patiently waiting leads to victory in life.

– This waiting involved crying outs to the Lord.

– Very often, a person needs to have his cries heard.. and God does respond to these needs of ours.

– Don’t underestimate your waiting in the Lord. This patience and trust in Him will move Him to turn to us and help us. Victory is ahead.

– David did not die in the process of waiting.

– David did not forever lived in turmoils and tragedy. God finally did turn to him and helped him.

– There is a stage of “God is silent” in our faith life. Sometimes we would question ourselves, if we have been doing anything wrong that leads God silent, or if God has already forgotten me. Here we see it has nothing to do with these reasons. Sometimes it’s just so simple that “patience” and “waiting” is an element in any love relationship.

– David did not turn to other sources of help when he had been still seeing “God is silent”… He continues his waiting. We can see deep in his heart, He trust that God is there, and God will help. God being silent did not causes him to slip his faith away.

Some questions for self:
1. What are the things in your life now, that you know you are and should be in the process of waiting for the Lord?

2. Are there any thing in your life that you know it’s so difficult or challenging to wait for the Lord to answer you? Address that, and tell the Lord your thoughts. Let Him be your strength.

3. In facing life challenges and difficulties, do you usually want to get things solved asap? Is it time for you today to learn the art of waiting patiently in the Lord?

4. When God seems distant, when we don’t feel Him near, do you still believe that He will turn to you in times of your cryings? Do you trust that upon patiently waiting, you and Him will be drew closer and closer?

5. What are some of the victories in your life that resulted from your patient waiting in the Lord? Recall, and celebrate those testimonies.

May the Lord train us into a nation of choosing the art of patience and waiting, persevering, and firm trusting in the Lord.



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