Welcome to my world of personal thoughts!

As a Christian for over ten years, I often have tons of thoughts about how the Church and a Christian life could be (or should be).  Here, I build my world of thoughts and inspirations, sharing it sometimes quietly, sometimes aloud.

Here, I share parts of my life and my thoughts with you.   Hopefully you’ll get contributive inspirations from my mind world.  And, don’t forget to leave some comments and trace marks for me to know you’ve been here!


My contact : qoosmicah [at] gmail [dot] com
My previous blogging space : http://micah.blogsome.com


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  1. 你好,我信主不久。刚在自己的黑莓9000上装上youversion,可惜错过了3月1日之前十天的免费下载期。不知道你是否有NIV的离线档案?合适的话,能发一份给我吗?不甚感激。

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